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I'm making flash game trainers

2009-12-05 18:57:20 by crzk

That's right.I'm making trainers for every flash game.
Worktime : 5~90 minutes
I need: The game's link
Possible errors: Can't upload the file
-If I can succesful upload it,it will be a *.swf or *.exe .(no,I won't let you choose)
-If you saved something,the save won't be available.(Still,you can save in downloaded game(trainer) and use the save; but NOT THE ONE from the internet)
-Please specify what you need in it(money,armor,more health,etc)
~Comment/reply to request.
~Sorry for my bad english.


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2009-12-20 22:56:39

Haha Cool... wait... do u speak in spanish???

crzk responds: