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I'm making flash game trainers

2009-12-05 18:57:20 by crzk

That's right.I'm making trainers for every flash game.
Worktime : 5~90 minutes
I need: The game's link
Possible errors: Can't upload the file
-If I can succesful upload it,it will be a *.swf or *.exe .(no,I won't let you choose)
-If you saved something,the save won't be available.(Still,you can save in downloaded game(trainer) and use the save; but NOT THE ONE from the internet)
-Please specify what you need in it(money,armor,more health,etc)
~Comment/reply to request.
~Sorry for my bad english.

Romania unnoficial Anthem

2009-12-02 17:11:22 by crzk

I like it :D
Parody of : Puya-Change

Romania's Birthday :D

2009-12-01 05:23:36 by crzk

Happy birthday Romania! :D Romania Infos

I'm sick of it!

2009-11-26 18:39:43 by crzk

Every day most of the people in my country do the same things,(
) I'm just sick of it! Getting out 'till 23:00 (only one day/week because " they're lazy " but the real reason : they're not allowed by their parents) also,getting out with d**cheads,a**holes and b****es . Dialogs like " hey sexy,what are you gonna do tonight?,and others.)
When you go home you see a tree that's not so straight like others you decide to make a photo of it.When you get home you watch tv (a**hole serials) with your Y!M status (do not disturb i'm watching tv like a little baby).After watching tv,you decide to upload the tree photo on your hi5( [dot]com ) ,but because your mother bought you the cheapest internet connection,and you don't know what's your upload speed,you wait 1239534908 years to upload the photo. It's 12:00 (midnight) and your mom catches you on the computer.After 2 slaps she sends you to bed.
I'm just sick of all these guys,all these idiots.
PS: I want chocolate.
PS2:I want Coca-Cola
PS3:I'm tired.
PS4:Sorry if you don't understand,I tried my best to translate into English,

5 FREE Days

2009-11-26 15:51:35 by crzk

I have five free days . No work,no studies.I only stay home and play,hang out with friends...5 f***ing free days !

5 FREE Days

My father's birthday

2009-11-25 14:15:36 by crzk

It's my father's birthday ! Say him Happy Birthday :D